Twin Peaks Quiz

Twin Peaks had me glued to the TV-set in the beginning of the 90’s and it turned into one of my absolute favorite shows. Even today, around 26 years later, the characters, story and quality is still a blast to watch and the shows is worth binge watching. Depending on where you live, you can catch the show on either HBO or Netflix. If you’re a Showtime subscriber, you can stream both seasons of the show, sometime in December, 2016. You could also buy the complete series at Amazon, or others.

While we wait to go back to Twin Peaks, sometime next year, I have done a little Twin Peaks Quiz that you can take, to how much you remember from the show. Don’t worry there isn’t any spoilers in it.

Also, as a bonus objective, there are clues to another TV-show, lurking inside the quiz, can you figure out which one?


Question #1: What was the name of the soap opera that was aired inside the show?

Question #2: How many Emmy Awards did the first season of Twin Peaks win?

Question #3: Everybody knows that it was Kyle MacLachlan that played the FBI agent Dale Cooper, but who played his side-kick, Sheriff Harry S. Truman?

Question #4: Twin Peaks has been an inspiration for many TV-shows and video games, which one of these games did Twin Peaks have a direct influence on?

Question #5: The Twin Peaks Theme, is a surrealistic blend of different melancholy modes that conveys a both eerie and intriguing atmosphere, which is hard not to like. Who composed it together with David Lynch?

Question #6: Twin Peaks is filled to the brim with fascinating and puzzling side characters like the one armed man and The Man from Another Place. Another one that I have a vivid memory of is the log lady. Do you know what that character’s real name, in the show, was?

Question #7: Talking about The Man from Another Place. Besides his red suit and dress shirt, what was his other characteristic thing?

Question #8: In which state was Twin Peaks primarily filmed in?

Question #9: Which character said the following quote: ‘’The owls are not what they seem.’’?

Question #10: What was the name of Twin Peaks High School’s sports team while Laura Palmer was a student there?

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