Quizzes & Trivia

Twin Peaks Quiz

While we wait to go back to Twin Peaks, sometime next year, I have done a little Twin Peaks Quiz that you can take, to how much you remember from the show.

The Horror Villains Quiz

Today I added a quiz to see how much you know about our beloved horror villains. I bet you can recognize and name a lot of those morbid, scary and fascinating villains, if you should see one, but can you place them in their respective movie or franchise?

50 Best Movie Titles (So far)

Movie titles are fascinating, are they not? They are also powerful, since they can almost make or break a movie on their own. I think that a good movie title should be able to draw you towards it, wanting to learn more about what kind of story that could be lurking behind it. Of course, [...]

10 Favorite Lord of the Rings Quotes

I rank Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, as one of the best of all times. I never grew tired of watching them, because every time I discover something new, that I hadn’t seen before. Another reason, to why I enjoy watching them repeatedly, is the dialogue. I think that the actors deliver their [...]