Oculus Trailer

Oculus, is an upcoming horror movie scribed by director Mike Flanagan, with a spine chilling story revolving around the twisted fate of two siblings and a mystifying mirror.

Ten years ago, Tim was convicted for the brute murder of his parents. Now, when he’s released, all he wants is to put the tragic events from his childhood behind him and get on with his life. His sister, Kaylie, on the other hand, is still haunted by the events, and convinced that an evil force, dwelling in a mirror from their childhood, is the one to blame for their parents brutal death not Tim.

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A Quarter Short

“There is a quarter missing…”

Her head begun to spin like a slow carousel, her throat dried up and when she tried to swallow, she started coughing. The tall man in front of her uttered a hollow sigh, while his bluish-gray eyes, moved over the endless line of people behind her.

“Excuse me?” she asked with a hoarse voice and shook her head.

The man stared deep into her eyes.

“A quarter, there’s a quarter missing, for the charge.” His voice was sharp and it planted a seed of doubt in her head.

“But, but I gave you the money,” she looked back at the man with big innocent eyes, “I know I did!”

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Third Trailer for The Conjuring

In The Conjuring, we get follow the ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, as they embarks on a chilling investigation of the horrific events that are taking place in the Perron family’s secluded farmhouse. An investigation that put the Warren’s face to face with a dark and baleful being, which made them fear for their life.

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Terminator Reboot in the Works

In 1984, the first Terminator movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the dreaded killer machine, slammed into 1,005 theaters, grossing over four million dollars, followed by two sequels with a total gross of over 1 billion. Now, almost 30 years after, a reboot, consisting of a stand-alone trilogy, is taking shape, through a joint venture between Skydance, Annapurna and Paramount.

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The Last Exorcism Part II –TV-Spot

The TV-spot below for the upcoming sequel of The Last Exorcism, which is a revised version of the theatrical trailer, doesn’t stir up any fears, but I’m glad that they have ditched the found-footage angle this time, which gets my hope up a bit, or what do you think?

The story in The Last Exorcism Part II starts when the first movie throws in the towel, with Nell alone in the forest, scared out of her wits. After she is safe back in the civilization, she finds out that, she’s the last surviving member of her family and that she has memory blanks from the terrifying incident she experienced in the previous movie. As she slowly begins to piece her life back together, she discovers that so has the evil force that once possessed her as well, and this time it has another horrific plan in store for her.

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